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Experimenting with Whole30

Whole 30 I have been living Whole30 since August 1 – with a few cheat days in Sept – and I’m STILL DOWN 10LBS….no roller coast weight issues, no hormonal weight shifts – two months at the same weight may … Continue reading

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Passion We all struggle with fulfilling our passions and balancing that with the requirements of daily life.  How many of us are living our passion?  I’m definitely striving toward a life full of passion and think I’m well on my way. And … Continue reading

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Do you remember the last time you were being introduced to a new person?  “Hi, My name is Tricia, so nice to meet you”. “Hi, I’m Sue So And So”  The next question might be, “What do you do?” How … Continue reading

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The Curse of Dairy

The Curse of Dairy.  I’ve suffered from allergies my whole life.  I was the kid with snot, puffy eyes and Kleenex with me everywhere I went – my mom was nice enough to have them in her purse, handing them … Continue reading

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Facebook test

oh heaven help me…..

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