Don’t be a Paleo Prophet

Don’t be a Paleo Prophet

We all have that one weird aunt or uncle that corners us at family parties and talks your ear off about whatever weird hobby they have and you feel trapped…..Don’t be that guy/girl.

I dread almost any family get together where, surely, the questions will flow from Aunt Martha, “I see what you post on Facebook and I just don’t know how you eat that way”.  And so it begins.  The barrage of questions from Cousin Scotty, “Do you eat potatoes? Do you eat rice? Do you eat…….?” 

Paleo is a lifestyle, and it’s wonderful.  But family holidays are not the right place to preach.  Don’t be a paleo prophet. 

Have fun, make good choices, keep your hands full with a glass of sparkling water or hot tea.  Sweets are less appealing if you have a full stomach, so try to eat something before you leave the house.       

Merry Christmas!


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