So first things first, I’m not a natural writer.  I have strong opinions and fear, on a regular basis, that my text is being misinterpreted.  Most things I say need context to be understood in the manner in which I spoke.  But here we are in a blog so I try my hardest to explain myself clearly and hope that you understand my meaning and if need be, write me back and discuss the issue with me and others. 

I’ve been very lax with my time blogging lately.  Life has gotten in the way.  Isn’t that a simple statement to make and yet one to really rest on and contemplate.  I’m busy; we are all busy.  But lately my busy-ness has been interrupted.  In what is a very fulfilling part of my life’s journey, friends and family have experienced horrible pain and loss.

The last twelve months have been riddled with death.  Almost unexplainable grief.  Young lives lost – children whose lives had not even started.  I don’t have kids and I couldn’t being to imagine the pain – from the sidelines my heart feels like it’s being torn in two.  Moms and Dads, sisters and brothers, friends and children left with an incredible loss to deal with and to live with every day of the rest of their lives.

Life is NOT that busy.  Be Kind.

You may not have tomorrow.  Call your grandma and say hello.

The laundry can wait a minute.  Hug your kids.

Turn off the TV.  Take a walk with your friend.

Love life.  And cherish every moment.

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