ok, I have to come clean…I cheated. I’m now on Day 21 of “Tricia’s Whole 30”.

The Whole30 rules are exact: If you cheat, you start over on Day 1. Well, I’m not starting over so I can’t call this a Whole 30 anymore. Now it’s my version of a Whole30 (you have to own it – the good and the bad).
Day 17 was FitClub CrossFit competition in Columbus OH and I ate rice…white rice and tortilla’s…I kind of, almost, really needed it, had to have it and for good reason, blah, blah, blah.
My energy levels were SO LOW going into the weekend and I knew a carb boost would do my body good so I did it. Friday night, I hit Chipotle with double meat Carnitas (the only meat they don’t riddle with soy sauce, by the way) and actually got the bowl with rice (1/3 normal portion) and pinto beans (1/3 normal portion) with fresh salsa, guacamole and lettuce and chips (which I saved for competition day). Let me tell you it was a MONSTER meal and had tiny portions of the rice and beans compared to the other slop they were hashing out.
We woke up Saturday morning and I felt fantastic! I was ready for this competition!! I’m not disappointed in my resolve, or lack thereof. I know my body and I have tested myself multiple times over the last 4 years to know that I needed a high density, high Glucose boost for that competition.
Through years of testing, I know that the night before a big event is my time to feed on clean sources of carbs to get my fix for the next day. Just like I know I can’t eat garlic before a run (burps), or eggs before a WOD (burps) or raw broccoli ever (burps) and I need to stay hydrated 24/7/365.

None of this is by chance. I keep a food journal, my refrigerator is fully stocked, my Magic Bullet blender travels with me and I pack food for travel ALL the time. It’s a lot of work and it takes commitment (oh, and I’m perfect so it’s not hard for me (SIKE)). So August 17, 2013 I cheated on my third Whole30 Challenge and I’m ok with it because I got right back on that bus and I love the way I feel – I’m stocked on sweet potatoes and bananas and carrots and fruit and I shouldn’t let my carb intake get so low that I have to “save myself” with white rice and tortilla chips. Lesson Learned.

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