Day 1 or Day 12786?

Today is the day after my 35th birthday.  My wonderful husband showered me with gifts all week.  He truly knows me like no one else in the world.  Our lives are so busy and so much independent from one another that I’m continually surprised that he can still rock it with the gifts. 

The first gift was a card:  super simple but totally awesome!  Outside cover is a cartoon figure woman on a yoga mat with an exercise ball and tiny little weights “working out” and he’s drawn ALL over it!  He’s added a white board with WOD details, added Crossfit to her tank, and “gun show” with an arrow to her biceps, a little paw off the side of the card representing our dog, Hanna, who joins me at the box every week.  This is a guy who does not Crossfit.  But he’s one heck of an athletic-supporter!  

Day two was Saturday and I had previously taken off from coaching at Crossfit Cleveland to enjoy sleeping in and having a nice day at home.  Don’t you know that Dan Bell – Holley Mangold’s (Olympian OLY weightlifter) coach – was running an OLY Seminar at a neighboring Crossfit gym….Well, I had to attend!  And my awesome husband paid my fee – Happy Birthday to me, baby. 

Sunday, I hit the farm to pick up free-range, organic chickens – slaughtered just the day before.  The best chicken I’ve ever had in my life.  If you want to know my farmer, you’ll have to message me privately…the golden rule of farm-fresh goods is that you have to protect your supply!  But more on that later.

The week went on and the gifts continued.  I moved through the week on our normal schedule: Crossfit, Valley Riding Stables, Metroparks with Hanna, and work.  All the while he was cooking meals, vacuuming and taking special care of me.  Not that he doesn’t pull his own weight at home, but he is often traveling.  This week was really spent in the home and that is awesome for us.

That’s a snapshot into our lives, but it’s very telling.  Most of my energy is Crossfitting, finding high quality foods, and spending every possible moment with my family.  All the while my husband supports me, facilitates my growth, and in tandem, his growth.   

I hope you keep coming back to see what we are up to and the different avenues this blog takes us along this journey.  I have a lot to say. 

Tricia, 07.27.12

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