Fat Girl

Fat Girl

My adult life has been sprinkled with different forms of exercise: weightlifting, running, aerobics, yoga, Pilates and finally Crossfit.  I have definitely found my niche and I am thriving.  However, I have a secret.  Inside of me lives Fat Girl.    

After a nice clean meal and not-so-clean-dessert, I will proclaim, “Fat Girl’s happy!” 

Maybe it was a birthday doughnut (last year), “Fat Girl’s happy!”

Or a binge into pesto rigatoni from Presti’s, “Fat Girl’s happy!”

What I’ve come to find with clean eating, and my journey on the Whole30, is that every proclamation of “Fat Girl’s happy” is a setback.   Adding kindling to the fire of unhealthy habits.

My goals today are clear:  A healthy lifestyle by nourishing my body with an anti-inflammatory diet (greens, lean meats, nuts and seeds, little starch, and no sugar) and constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity (Crossfit).

In Crossfit we perform these high intensity workouts and push our bodies to places we never thought possible.  Through that internal competitive spirit we learn that our bodies are capable of things our mind was putting limits on.  For example, yesterday I wanted to quit after 33 Toes to Bar, but I had already accomplished so much in that workout and I only had 18 Goblet Squats and a quick 750 meter run to finish the workout – no excuses – Crossfitters don’t give up and we don’t give in.  Confidence builds and goals are achieved and records are broken.  It is this same philosophy that I challenge you to have with food. 

I’ve committed myself to 30 days of Whole30 program.  It’s amazing and challenging – Fat Girl is still chirping in my ear.  I could have had that bread served at lunch, I could have had a drink at the bar, I could have ordered dessert.  But I exercise my willpower muscle everyday at the gym and in life.  And I will not quit this 30 day challenge. 

Believe this: I want a doughnut every day.  I want bread every day.  I want a milkshake every day.  But that’s bullshit.  These intangibles, these things will not control me.  I choose to be healthy and I chose to be strong in the gym and in life.  Fat Girl doesn’t have anything on me!

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