Do you remember the last time you were being introduced to a new person?  “Hi, My name is Tricia, so nice to meet you”. “Hi, I’m Sue So And So”  The next question might be, “What do you do?”

How do you compile your answer?  That question can be answered in so many different ways, with emotion or without.  My answer could be that I sell lab equipment – true and with no emotion.  Or I could answer with who I am:  Crossfitter and trainer.  (I am also an equestrian, home owner, business woman, wife, friend, daughter, etc….but you know this article is about Crossfit, after all).

I often struggle with this first impression moment.  Being a sales rep is what I do, but not who I am.  Crossfit is who I am and that is so much more representative of “what I do”…with my time, energy, passion.

Most every Crossfitter will talk your ear off about how awesome it is, how it challenges them everyday and changed their life.  We drink the Kool-Aid and we want everyone drinking the stuff!

Moving to Cleveland in 2005 for an outside sales job was the loneliest time in my life.  I ran a marathon with Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training and met three amazing women that are dear friends.  And I found out that I love my girls, but I hate running.  We stumbled upon this little gym at the corner called Crossfit Cleveland and tried it out back in 2009.  My life in Cleveland would be so different if I hadn’t met the amazing people that I met inside the gym.  Crossfit is a community made up of some cool, interesting, and freakin’ weird people! but it works and I love it.  When Crossfit comes up in conversation, I will first let you know that I know that I drink the Kool-Aid.  I became a Level 1 Certified trainer in November 2010 and I haven’t looked back. 

I’m not a college athlete – I am not very coordinated and I struggle in the gym most days.  But I am amazed by my accomplishments and where I’ve come in the 3 years that I have been in the gym.  I couldn’t jump rope until I was 33 years old.  It took me over a year to do Fran (one of our workouts) as prescribed.  I thought there was no way I would ever power clean more than 65 lbs…..my current personal record (PR) is 125 lbs and I’m building a stronger body everyday so that I can continue to challenge myself to bring that weight even higher. 

What Crossfit does for me?  At the core of the program, on paper, Crossfit provides a template for improved fitness:  Constantly varied, functional movements done at high intensity increasing work capacity over broad time and modal domains.  

You don’t have to understand what that definition means before coming into the gym for the first time, but you do have to be prepared to learn, to be instructed by your trainer, and to strive for improved fitness for yourself.   

 This short video summarizes why I drink the Kool-Aid:


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