We all struggle with fulfilling our passions and balancing that with the requirements of daily life.  How many of us are living our passion?  I’m definitely striving toward a life full of passion and think I’m well on my way. And then I have a blinders-off moment and feel like I may never get there. 

My girlfriends and I were discussing a recent article about women: Can women have it ALL?  The article’s opinion was that if you try to have it ALL something has to suffer – you can’t do everything well.  If you are a mom, you can’t have the career/life you want.  If you have a career, your kids/life suffers….And the debate began!  I completely disagree with this idea that there are limitations on what we can accomplish. 

Who is to say what my ALL is?  I’m sure your ALL is unique to you.  Isn’t it possible that my ALL might change as I grow older, marry, choose to have kids or not, divorce?  My ALL can change in good fortune and has much more reason to change in bad fortune.  How would my priorities change if someone close to me was seriously ill? 

I live everyday conscious of my good fortune – the people I love are relatively healthy and able-bodied.  The kids in my life are thriving.  I cherish each of these facts and I think (hope) I would be prepared and supportive and able to handle adversity if and when it rears it’s ugly head. 

I live a pretty selfish, passion-filled, ALL kind of life.  My husband, Ryan, is amazingly supportive and he challenges me to pursue my passions. 

What is your ALL?  Are you pursuing your passions?  I’d love to hear from you and support you along your journey as you read my stories and support me.  Whether you comment or are silent, I appreciate you.  And I hope we get the chance and take the opportunity to spend time together to talk more about our passions and everything that makes up your ALL.   



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