Experimenting with Whole30

Whole 30

I have been living Whole30 since August 1 – with a few cheat days in Sept – and I’m STILL DOWN 10LBS….no roller coast weight issues, no hormonal weight shifts – two months at the same weight may be a new (non-supplemented, no drug *read: ephedra*) record for me!  And I know those cheat days are what has left me at this plateau…October 1 will bring another strict Whole 30 month and I’ll report back my results (with daily food log).

You can learn more about clean eating at www.whole9life.com and see if you are ready to go Whole30.  My journey has been years long.  I was not ready to jump into Whole30 until now.

My journey started years ago when I eliminated dairy, then I started using the Standard Process 21-day cleanse, restricted alcohol for a time, went 0% carbohydrate for a time, eliminating gluten, and others.  Each experiment brought it’s own set of pros and cons.  My biggest benefit came from eliminating dairy, as I’ve stated in earlier blogs.  Each of my other experiments were “challenges” meant to last 21 days, 30 days, etc.  And most of them made me miserable!  Too much measuring, scheduled eating, scheduled supplements, one even restricted my diet to 4 foods…but throughout this journey I was fine tuning my body awareness.  Spending a lot of time and energy getting to know my body and how it was responding to these “challenges” – ALL good information!

The added benefit to the past three years of experimentation was being able to work with like-minded people and friends to share recipes and toss ideas off of one another.  Sharing resources like favorite grocery stores, brands and farmers.    My current food shopping experience is very unconventional – weekly produce ordering and farm buying groups; only hitting grocery stores for that missed or forgotten ingredient.   We are now running like a well oiled machine! 

I’m excited to see the progress I’ve made on Whole30.  I feel that this program is working for me.  I know that the program is structured for a 30 day challenge – any “cheat” requires that you start the 30 days over again!  I did have to restart my Whole30 because I didn’t realize that conventional butter was not allowed.  So I bought ghee (clarified butter) at Natures Bin and started back on Day 1.  With Whole30, I don’t feel like I’m on a DIET and that’s why it works for me.  It’s become the way I eat, what I buy and I feel fantastic!

Now I’m off to vacation in Cancun and continue eating whole foods and my goal is to stay at my current (plateau) weight and imbibe with some fine Mexican tequila!


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