whole 30 oops….

Well, funny thing just happened at the bar…..friends Troy and Margaret reminded me that I wrote a post proclaiming October as a Whole30 month!  Well, don’t you know that I totally forgot that I said that? 

I’m blaming life.  My life has been CRAZY the past few months and I forgot.  Those that know me know that I forget alot.  If we have plans, I better grab my phone and get them on the calendar or I’m not coming!  I have a horrible memory.  It’s a huge problem.  But here I am – coming clean – no pun intended.

It is October 6, 11:14pm, and I proclaim tomorrow is the start of my Whole 30 experience.

Thank you for Troy and Margaret for getting in my shit and calling me out!  And thank you to Molly who visited Breadsmith with me this morning after our run and watched me buy a muffin!  I ate said muffin and I thoroughly enjoyed it!  (I also ate half of the bun at dinner earlier tonight.  Woopsie!) Even though I was at the bar, I only had water to drink.  I will say one Hail Mary and hope I am forgiven… 

Oct 7, 2012 – Day 1 of my Whole 30 🙂



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